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For a special, it has some good stories, but the reason why I rate it 5 is that this the one who wrote this special seemed to not know Devil Fruit users weakness. Rains do not effect DF users so what made this writer thought that fogs would? The pacing is average but it had a plot twist that happened very early that I didn’t see it coming from the summary.The only con I can think of on top of my head was the animation. Toei decided to cut a few corners by implementing those terrible cgi marines/navy in the background but I’ll chalk it up to saving the budget for Film Gold next year (hopefully). While the villain wasn’t anything to boast home about, he was fine and played his part well.To be honest, I prefer this kind of special over things like 3D2Y. While that one had a budget to back it up, I wasn’t a fan of the typical Luffy saving the day and the same shonen deus ex machina friendship power ups.

One Piece Adventure of Nebulandia English Subbed

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