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One Piece: Episode of Sorajima could not level up to those exceptions. Talking about One Piece, we all have come to know that the anime adaptation gets its share of weekly beat up from the studio, the Manga and Anime are like night and day, two sides of the same coin that’s one is way below the other in terms of quality. Not even the original adaptation of the Skypea arc from the anime from way back had managed to live up to the viewers’ expectations and was infamously regarded by a great number of fans to be one of the worst arcs in term of pacing. But at least, this special does leave you appreciating how faithful the anime was to the source material when the Skypea arc was first animated.If you thought you could watch One Piece through this 1hr 44min long capsule. You are mistaken. It will ruin your experience. Let it be a newbie this isn’t even fair for someone like me who is following this series since it’s inception.

One Piece Episode of Sorajima English Subbed

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