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There is no denying my approval of the recent swashbuckling specials for providing better screentime among characters and presenting more adventure in between the much longer story arcs(I’m looking at you Dressrosa). This brings me back to the classic One Piece episodes that I love.The show itself feels more like a filler episode rather then a movie or a special. The characters are somewhat mellowed out of the normal reactions as there are no surprises or things to expect. It lacks the story aspect making it hard to enjoy. The new female character the show is centered around is also a bit repetitive, almost reminds me of a luffy knockoff, you may get bored of the show early. You wont miss much if you don’t watch it.It’s like someone who’s not familiar with the show watched a few episodes and decided to write the dialogues. Sure, it seems as usual but it has this quickly done and fake feeling.

One Piece Heart of Gold English Subbed

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