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One Piece Movie 2 (Clockwork Island Adventure) English Subbed

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In the second One Piece movie, our heroes are relaxing on a beach. Right until Luffy noticed that the “Going Merry” has been hijacked and departs from the coast line. Now they’re drifting at sea to search for their stolen ship. They met up with the Thief Brothers: Borodo & Akisu(no relation) who gave them information that their ship is in the hands of the Trump Sibling Pirates. Who have taken control on Clockwork Island. After encountering the Trump minions and Nami(who has Luffy’s hat) taken as a hostage. The straw Hat Pirates & the Thief Brothers must go to Clockwork Island to reclaim the Going Merry, Shank’s straw hat, Nami, and the Diamond Clock(which the Thief Brothers find to be the most well crafted clock of all). Overall a worthy sequel that all One Piece Fan will admire. Again the fan sub for it is easy to find off the internet or bootlegs.

One Piece Movie 2 Clockwork Island Adventure English Subbed

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