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One Piece Movie 4 (Dead End Adventure) English Subbed

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At the harbor of Anabura, the Straw Hat Pirates were in need for more money after spending it on Luffy’s meals. Luckily Nami over hears the bar tender’s conversation with a customer on a secret spot, where money is involved. So they all went to see what the secret spot is after paying 2 Belli coins. And they all discover that the secret spot is a paradise for pirates everywhere. And a big race is being held called the Dead End Race.The animation is well done. And I have to say I can’t get tired of the CG town beginning. The secondary characters are cool, specially the bounty hunter, Shuraiya. The story also balances out the amount of action and unexpected parts pretty well. Which makes this 4th installment very enjoyable to watch time after time.Unlike the previous non-chronicle movie. This one takes place sometime after the Alabasta Arc. Since Robin is now part of the crew, this marks as her first movie appearance.

One Piece Movie 4 Dead End Adventure English Subbed

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